Theocre is a large town to the north of Stoneholm, at the bridge connecting the high and low roads. It is considering a trading post for most of the surrounding villages; Harraspor, Cillinas, Duringham, and several others.

Although collecting little materials itself, the town buys many raw materials from other villages (Rocks and ores from Harraspor, Lumber from Duringham) and constructs it into useful things, such as jewellery, weapons, even clockwork devices!


Many years ago, but some time after The Tyrant’s reign, a group of elves left their hiding places and constructed a small village beside a river. Only a few houses, and originally just a temporary place to live for them before returning to their true home.

This turned out be a prime location for trade, however! Being situated between many small hamlets and villages, and being near a bridge. Many from far and wide settled in the locations, dwarf and human alike. As the town grew, however, many of the elf families left, having never intended to even stay there in the first place. One family stayed; the Loenhouts. Alion Loenhout felt obliged to rule the village. After all, someone had to! So he and his family built a manor, to preside over the village, and was appointed as Lord.

And so the town grew to the state it is in today. The current lord, however, deems ruling to be a servant’s work, and appointed a mayor to rule the town in his stead; Talbeck.

After some time, disaster struck the town; People were going missing! Loenhout did little to stop these disappearances, as, in fact, he did not know about them until an adventuring party went to his manor and demanded that he try to stop them! This made him realize how out of touch he was with his people, so when Mayor Talbeck died in an unfortunate accident, he decided he needed to step up to the mantle, and prove that he could be a competent ruler.


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