The Runic Council


The Runic Council are an ancient organization comprising mostly of wizards, who once ruled the majority of the known world, including Potra, with an iron fist from their central island of Pangera. In these times, the organization guarded the 4 portals to the planes of elemental earth, water, air and fire, each located across the world in various places.

However, centuries ago, a rebellion erupted across the world, starting in Potra, which deposed the Runic Council and their ‘tyrannical’ ways, leaving the elemental portals, with the exception of a few small bands, unguarded. In recent years they seem to have gone back on their old ways, opening the elemental portals for reasons unknown.


(Historical accuracy may vary)

Millenias ago, yet after the Orcish invasions of Potra, 4 portals opened across the world, each leading to a plane of elemental earth; in Potra, the plane of Earth opened, in the Thousand Isles to the north, the plane of Water opened, and in the West and South, respectively, the planes of Air and Fire opened. These portals grew, and spewed out legions of Elementals seemingly bent on destruction, until, at a point directly between the territories of each element, a mighty battle took place between the 4 elements and an alliance of, it is said, all sentient races. From their fortress of Pangera, the Alliance prevailed, and so fought their way deep into elemental territory, sealing each portal one by one with, surprisingly, the help of an Orc named Gudrik Stonehammer, who claimed to have found the secret to closing these portals.

Fortresses were built upon each portal; Stoneholm on the portal to the plane of Earth, and other fortresses for those other portals, and each portal was locked with a Runic key. With the races united, a new world order was formed, led by those responsible for saving the world; the Runic Council; 4 council members, each of which were given a key to each of the portals.

And so the world lived in peace… for several centuries. But men grew greedy. The lowborn were abused, forced to work to breaking point, taxes were raised, and the people grew angry. Shortly after Gudrik’s descendant left the Runic Council, and the Earth key with him, the people revolted, and over time all traces of the Runic Council were demolished, and they faded into nothingness.

Recent Events

In recent years, a mysterious organization has appeared in Potra. In the city of Axiom, these wizards made their foothold in Potra, and began recruiting from the people. They sent out emissaries to cities such as Harraspor, and Malia, even Stoneholm. Here, they helped the people. In Harraspor, they helped refugees, and even recruited most of them. In Malia, they helped provide food for the people, what with the recent blights in the eastern farming lands.

But not all is as it appears. Under disguise, several members of the Runic Council assaulted the Warforged, General, in the streets of Harraspor, stealing 2 items; his memories of the past, and the Rod of Control. The number of volunteers has sky-rocketed, and, worse;

Stoneholm has fallen. The portal to elemental earth has opened once more, and Elementals are appearing all over Potra, wiping out villages, and landmarks alike.

Known Members

Zylone – the member of The Council assigned to the Harraspor situation, supposedly a very high ranking member of the organization. Bald.

Flynt – More commonly known as Captain Flynt, in charge of the Runic Fleet, and in posession of The Bow. Attended the Auction at Sea, and there ambused The Timekeepers, driving them deep into the Underdark., taking Justin Time, Beron, and Redron Redfist hostage.

Roya – Head of the Harraspor division. He was trained alongside the Timekeeper‘Elrius’, and was killed during the skirmish at Harraspor. In this skirmish he slayed the warforged General, but was shortly thereafter murdered by Hallet.

The Runic Council

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