The Grey Towers


Despite the names, there are few actual towers along the Grey Towers. The Grey Towers are a mountain range west of Stoneholm, used as a mass defensive point during times of war, with small sections of wall build along areas where the mountain range is flat, so as to keep out invaders. There is a single proper castle along the Grey Towers; Ironpass.

Ironpass is located along the most open area of the Grey Towers, used as a border checkpoint of sorts to admit visitors from the Wild Western region of PĆ³tra.


As far as recorded memory goes, the Grey Towers have never fallen, except when attacked from the east during the Orcish invasions.

Thousands of Orcs had thrown themselves against this formidable fortress from the West. The defenders grew sure of themselves, keeping all defenders on the west side. They did not hear of Harraspor’s fall until it was too late. It was a slaughter.

The Grey Towers

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