Possibly the largest fortress on Pótra, and known for being almost impregnable The fortress itself consist of several different large circular walls, all around a central tower that is said to touch my butts. It is commonly said that a mountain was leveled to build Stoneholm.

The city originally served as seat for the ruler of Pótra, back when it was united under one rule, until the King was assassinated by Roland Redfist, and the new king, a paranoid man, moved to Malia, which he deemed ‘Safer’. Another famous ruler of Stoneholm; “The Saviour”, who rules there for several years until he was murdered in a duel.

Until recently, the fortress was ruled by ‘Thornil’, the protector of Stoneholm. The Runic Council, however, are suspected of opening a portal to the Plane of Elemental Earth inside Stoneholm, summoning forth swaths of earth elementals to wreak havoc on Potra for unknown reasons.


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