Pótra is a continent making up the north-eastern section of the known world. Generally known for being more civilized than most other regions, the continent itself has not been united under one ruler for over 100 years. Currently, the south is presided over by the 3 Archmages, the east is under Malia’s rules, the south-west is ruled by the elves of The Great Forest, and the northwest is being fought over by the Hobgoblin Warlords, leaving the central and north regions looking to Stoneholm.


The Orcish Invasion

Pótra has a long and bloody history, and much of what happened in the past is just myth and legend. In short, don’t take everything in this section as fact. But it will still have echoes of the real version of events.

One of the earliest historical events that is widely remembered was the Orcish invasions. United under ‘The Saviour’, an army of orcs from somewhere to the south west invaded Pótra in full force. They seemed unstoppable. Many were enslaved. Even more died. The elves took to buildings hundreds of hidden locations; temples, storage, dungeons, in which the common folk hid when the orcs began raiding again.

The Orcs were led by an Aasimar who called himself ‘The Saviour’. The commonfolk usually called him ‘The Tyrant’. The Saviour turned out to be good at leading an army, and quickly managed to take over, albeit with several revolts a year. He ruled for many not-so-peaceful years in Malia until a city sprang up seemingly out of nowhere on the south coast; Merlow.

The city was ruled by 3 wizards who defied The Saviour. Merlow was used as a rallying point for the rebellion, possessing many and more magical defenses. The Saviour was mockingly challenged to a duel by the 3 wizards, to which Savour surprisingly accepted. And so ended the rule of the Saviour.

The orcs morale was shattered, and as towns and cities rose up in defiance, the orcs were driven close to extinction on Potra, at least for the time being.

The Brotherhood – Differing Accounts

The subject of the Brotherhood and it’s rebellions is a subject of much debate among the scholars of the world. Many say it’s being oversimplified, other that it’s overly complicated. To ease the minds of those on both arguments, both retellings shall be written.

1 – The Greedy King

It is said that the land was ruled by a terrible and greedy king, who rules from the fortress of Stoneholm. Eventually the people began rising up in rebellion, led by a man named Roland Redfist (Although he was not named Redfist yet). They took to less common methods of fighting, moving quickly, never staying in one place for long, ambushing the king’s patrols and liberating the commonfolk. They named themselves ‘The Brotherhood’.

As the king’s power weakened, Roland and a select group saw an opportunity to end his tyrannical rule. They infiltrated the fortress, and it is said that Roland murdered the king with his own bare hands, leaving them ‘stained red’ some say. A new king was put in place, and although he wasn’t as terrible, or as greedy as the last, the Brotherhood stayed in place, even as many of the group left to return home. It is said that Roland only kept it going at the insistence of his advisers, and the group slowly transformed from freedom fighters to just another bandit group.

Eventually the new king was sick of this, and struck a mighty blow against them, managing to kill the now regretful Roland, destabilizing the Brotherhood as a whole. The Brotherhood split into many different groups, only one of which remains in the present day; The Redfists, currently somewhere north of Stoneholm.

2 – The Council

The other, generally more likely option isn’t much different than the previous, and generally has more evidence. This variant says that Pótra was not ruled by a king, but by a council, who ruled of the common people with an iron fist, until Roland rose up against them, slowly removing their influence over Pótra piece by piece, until, it is said, he infiltrated Stoneholm single handedly, murdered one member of the council, and displayed his body on the tower with a threat; That the same would happen to any who stayed in Pótra as long as he lived.

It is said that many left the continent at that, to rule overseas, but some stayed, and so Roland kept hunting them down, even when the new king insisted that Roland stop, that they were gone. And from there it is much the same as the last.

Of course, much and more happened in the long history or Pótra. Rebellions, invasions, and such, but these are what we believe to be the two defining points in the history of Pótra, even though they occurred hundreds, possibly thousands of years apart.


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