Torgos is a small fishing village east of Theocre, along the river. The city is split into two sides; North and South. It is a peaceful place, and was mostly ignored by invaders to the land, but inside the town however, there is bitter conflict.


The village was founded by two gnomish brothers; Bolfonk and Filulo. Originally, the village was founded on the northern side of the river. All was peaceful. For a time. Filulo argued that they would be better on the south; there were more trees, and better soils. Bolfonk disagreed. There were hills on the north! And they had better views up and down the river!

And so the city was split.

To this day, both sides think the other to be strange folk, and do little interaction; except to trade, of course. For neither side can exist without the other at this point.


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