The Times


The Times are a large and powerful magic family. They hold vast influence all across Pótra, and have enough connections to potentially rule through puppet rulers.

Or they would, if Justin were into that kind of thing.

The Times have always been great wizards, but they always really focused on enchantment, and charming, so as to make friends, gain connections, and that sort of thing. Until Outa and his wife Jaqueline Time died.

That put Justin Time in charge. But Justin didn’t want to rule a massive family, and organize events and such, so he left, and set up a clock shop in Theocre.

The Times, as all know, live in Time Manor, the location of which is kept secret. Some say it only appears at certain hours of the day, or only for certain people. However, Time Manor was destroyed by a meteor during the funeral of Justin Time, who faked his death to avenge himself. Seeing the greater threat, he has allied himself with his murderers.

Known members (To party)

  • Justin Time
  • Tock – Justin’s Bodyguard
  • Tick – Another Bodyguard
  • Tock mentioned a ‘Justa Minute’
  • Mai Time
  • Father Time

The Times

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