The Drow Kingdom



Deep beneath the surface, amongst a labyrinth of caves and crevices, lies the Kingdom of the Dark Elves, or; The Drow Kingdom. In one of the largest naturally found caverns in the underdark, centred by two small seas, a dozen dark elf houses vie for control over lands, go to war, but ultimately, serve their Goddess, Lolth.

Several larger caverns can also be found around the main cavern, each housing houses such as Rorstyne, Xiltayn among others.


Back during the beginning of existence, before the beginning of the Orcs, were the dawn wars. The Dark and Blue Elves declared war on the Elves of Gold and Silver, in a bloody war that lasted a century. It ended when Hairma, God of Plants and the Earth intervened, disowning and banishing both the dark and blue elves for their atrocities in the war. Xanador, the leader of the rebellion, it is said, was banished to the deepest of the hells, and his people the dark elves were banished to live beneath the earth, and the blue elves to live beneath the sea.

It is here, it is said, that the Drow found Lolth. Some would even say she was the reason they went to war in the first place. Either way, she promised them sanctuary in the Underdark, and vengeance against the elves of the surface, who cast them aside. The drow welcomed her with open arms, and so Lolth came to be worshipped as a God. They built their Kingdom deep within the Earth, and there they have stayed for a millenia and more.

Houses and Duchies

At the current point in time, the Drow Kingdom is ruled by 12 noble houses;

Duchy House Duke/Duchess Banner
Amathalas Xiltayn Duchess Zahna Black around Yellow snowflake
Cyanaes Dyr Duke Yex’Urdan Yellow hammer on red
Eyalon Abyl Duchess Sybil Dark Blue around Dark Red
Faneadar Rorstyne Duke Layor Gold around turquoise. Central golden diamond
Imethas Telach Duchess Darium Purple mushroom on green
Isyohane Khalarn Duke Brahn Orange Eclipse
Ryolone Kentyl Duchess Isard Red around Blue
Vmmerion Coloara Duchess Varos Red sickle on Yellow
Xiniad The Sisterhood FUKN LOLTH, BITCHES Black spider on Grey
Y’alond Vrinn Duchess Kann Yellow/Orange Motley
Yeslin Alendar Duchess Khareen White around black with interconnecting webs
Zylishiin Malarne Duchess Xenathia (?) Hey Kevin remind me to ask you for this

Recent Events

The Drow Kingdom has been in a state of war. Armies gathered around the city of Xiniad, one side shouting for war on the surface world, one attempting for peace.

The War faction was lead by Duchess Khareen of Alendar, and the Peace faction was jointly led by House Malarne and Xiltayn. As factions took sides, some houses even switched hands. The heir to House Rorstyne revealed himself, taking his rightful place, resulting in the former head, his uncle, being arrested.

By the time two neutral factions remained, Abyl and Kentyl, Lolth herself requested to meet with the head of House Alendar to convince her to allow the invasion. The head of House Malarne was also present, representing Peace. A duel was held between a nameless warlock and one of Lolth’s black spiders’ Jokeless, but it was of little consequence, for despite Jokeless’s victory, Lolth declared peace.

In retaliation, members of the Sisterhood turned on Lolth, as Alendar’s elite forces took control of the inner city, quickly establishing some form of Antimagic Dome in a radius around the city, to keep back enemy spellcasters. Lolth is held up in the inner sanctum.

A battle was held outside the Eastern Wall, between Alendar, Coloara, Vrinn and Abyl, against forces of Xiltayn, Dyr, Rorstyne and Kentyl. Quickly enough, Abyl turned on Alendar, resulting in a victory for the peace faction.

As the siege of the inner city went on, the drow people looked to the leaders of the siege, but many had already abandoned, some say because Khareen has already won. The head of House Rorstyne, however, has taken lead of the siege.

The Drow Kingdom

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