The Blink Wood


The Blinkwood is a small forest just north of Harraspor, in the United Holdings (of Stoneholm). It is so named for it’s abundance of teleporting creatures, such as blink dogs, displacer beasts, and (Rumour has it) phase spiders.

The forest is generally split into 3 sections; the Encampments, the Spider Territory, and the Goblin Lands


The Blinkwood is home to many small encampments, mostly populated by humans, each of which is located somewhere in the eastern half of the forest. They are generally known to be on the edge of the ‘Wild Lands’ to the north.

In recent times, reports tell us that the Encampments are slowly being taken over by the Spider Territory, as they are pushing east.

Spider Territory

The south-western region of the blink wood is mostly inhabited by spiders. Their webs form mazes between the trees, and keep out the sunlight deep into the forest. It is known by the locals that the spiders mostly stay in their caves, found around the Sky.

Few people venture into this area, so little is known. There is however, a path headed straight through this area, straight west, called the Silk Road, for the webs often covering both sides of the path.

Goblin Lands

The North western region of the blink wood is home to a small goblin kingdom, generally thought to be the first stage in a full on invasion from the Hobgoblins of the Warlords of Ba’Kalesh.

The Protector of Stoneholm intends to see them dealt with in the future.


A large lake deep in the heart of the forest, with a small island in the centre.

The Blink Wood

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