Merlow refers to both a city, and a region. Merlow is the capital of Merlow, of course. It is the southern region of Potra, from the Tranquil Peaks south. The city is commonly referred to as either ‘The Endless City’ or ‘The Wizard City’, due to its massive size, and the fact that it is ruled by three wizards. In fact, it is commonly said that from the top of the tallest tower, you can only see city in all directions.

The city is split into three sectors, each with 3 sections, and so the city is governed by 9 lords, each ruling a section, and each with their own wizard, who serves as an adviser, and oftentimes a member of the family. These lords also rule large areas of land in the region of Merlow. Each, however, answers to one of the three wizards.

The three wizards are Kraj, Deacair, and Malforta.


Little is known of how the city started, but this much is certain; The Tyrant, Malakarth, ruled PĆ³tra with an iron fist from his seat in Malia. Rebellions began and were fought and were lost many times, over many years, until 3 towers appeared in the south east of Potra. Each tower was ruled by a wizard. The wizards used their immense power to create a magical dome, to keep out the orcish hordes, and so people flocked to the region, forming the city.

Malakarth was insulted. They dared to hide behind their walls, like cowards! How could he bring peace to the world if people kept fighting back? So he challenged them to a duel. And he lost horribly.

And so the city expanded rapidly, being managed into sections of equal size by the wizards. When the mad king ruled, it is said that only Merlow stood against him, but they did little to aid the efforts of overthrowing him.

The 3 wizards decreed that 9 lords would be chosen to rule the populace of Merlow, each ruling 1 of the 9 sections of the city, and 1 of the 9 areas of land. But each must have a wizard. And that wizard must ultimately answer to them, acting as an envoy of sorts.


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