Harraspor is a relatively small mining town a few days north of Theocre, and south of the Blink Wood. located in the centre of a small mountain pass. The town itself is built into a layered canyon, with the majority of the buildings being carved deep into the rocks on either side. Few constructed buildings are found; watchtowers, an inn, a trading post, and the rock market.

Harraspor prides itself on its wide variety of rocks, which can be bought and sold in the rock market. The majority of its good, however, are shipped off south the be crafted into useful things in Theocre.


During the Orcish invasions, before the Orcs breached the Grey Towers, Harraspor was the main defence point from the northern orcs. For you see, Stoneholm is effectively surrounded by a large mountain range, to the west, south, and to the north. Harraspor, however, was the weak point in the defence. Here, the hills were lower. The walls weaker.

And so eventually, Harraspor fell, its walls demolished, and the hordes swept south to finally take PĆ³tra in its entirety. Until the Wizards came, of course.


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