Faen's Journal

Entry 1:

Today is the day I will see the ‘sun’, a giant sphere of dragon fire mounted in the sky. In a few hours, I will finally leave the underdark, and see the surface for the first time. It is nearing mid Summertide, apparently a time where the sun burns bright. How very unfortunate for me.
However I have no other choice than to leave at this time of the year; it is, after all tradition for young heirs such as myself, to leave home and start our quest during Summertide. Luckily, my uncle has provided me with tools for survival to get me started. I don’t know where I would be without him!
My name is Elrius Rrostyn, and today, I finally get to see the world.

Entry 2:

I write this with burning eyes and a pounding headache, but also with wonder and a smile so large it hurts my face. How long has it been since I have smiled like this? I was told the surface would be colourful, but the sheer variety and brightness! There are so many wonderful plants and animals here, and the very moment I emerged, a bird flew over and landed on my hand! I was not at all prepared for the sun, though. I chanced a glance at it, and it felt as though someone shoved burning coals into my eyes. I will not make that mistake again.
Regardless, everything is so wonderful and different up here, even the air is different, so fresh and pleasant! I almost regret having to begin travel immediately, I would much rather stay and fully observe all these new wondrous things surrounding me.

Entry 3:

The bird has followed me! I did not notice it right away, but it is a very welcome addition! Perhaps I will keep him as a pet? I do not know how intelligent birds are, but it seems to want to stay around me on my journey.

Entry 4:

Although the flowers here do not glow and pulse light as they do in the underdark, there are so many varieties and colours that makes them just as beautiful. I wanted to stop and sketch each kind I found, but I do not have time for such trivial things.
I have, fortunately, not ran into any surface dwellers, but I am curious to observe them; from a safe distance of course, lest they approach and talk to me. I shudder at the mere thought.

Entry 5:

I write this entry no less than 50 feet from a small camp of surface dwellers. I have not gotten a close look at them, and they have not seemed to notice me. I was half prepared for monstrous beings, or perhaps small, obviously inferior ones going by talk in the underdark, but they seem just like us! They don’t look dangerous, but I will keep hidden for now, their appearances may be deceiving.

Entry 6:

I am now welcome among the group of surface dwellers. They are…an odd bunch. I had realised I dropped my rations somewhere when trailing them, and pushed my luck by trying to steal from this group when they had set camp. The one on watch caught me, but to my surprise they did not become hostile. In fact he asked if I would like to join the group on a quest. Even though I have my own personal quest, I decided to join them. It would not hurt travelling in a group; this gives me more protection. I introduced myself to the group as “Faen”, I suppose as a small nod to my home, “Faneadar”.

The group consists of two wood elves; brothers, two tiefling, and a human. Their names are unimportant; I will be leaving them the moment we get to Theocre and deliver the letter they have.

Entry 7:

This group is so dysfunctional I can barely stand it. I don’t understand how they all came to be travelling together? One of the elves is a loudmouth idiot who fancies himself the “leader”, and his brother is cold and aloof, probably trying to look cool. One tiefling is apparently a wizard, and when I asked him to prove it he just says “what?” stares at me blankly, laughs and continues walking; rude. The other tiefling doesn’t have much to say but I see him leering at members of the group, particularly the human, who is a drunken clumsy fool.
What have I done to deserve a group like this?

Entry 8 :

We were ambushed by a group of bandits earlier, we’re in camp now resting up. The elf brothers nearly died, and I had to use MY first aid kit to help. At least loudmouth was thankful, Mr cool and aloof didn’t say a word to me after, but, hey, why would he right? Can’t break his “cool” persona now can he? If I sound annoyed, it’s because I am.
We managed to knock out or kill 6 of the bandits but one, Bearing? Borin? We kept awake for questioning. They apparently attacked to get the letter. They seemed to think loudmouth had it- which he did earlier but I snatched it to see if anyone would even notice, which, surprise! They didn’t. Useless.
This was my first real combat encounter, I’m ashamed to say my first reaction was to hide; but hey I’m a rogue! We’re supposed to do that sort of thing right? Besides, I can only get better from here on out. Soon I won’t need this useless group.

Faen's Journal

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