Marcon Helder

Human Warlock, trying to find his place in the world


Name: Marcon Helder

Class: Warlock [Great Old One/ Pact of the Blade]

Level: 7

Background: Folk Hero

Race: Human [variant]

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Current AC: 13

Speed: 30

Hit Points: 32

Hit DIe: 7D8

Strength: 16 [Athletics]

Dexterity: 12

Constitution: 8

Intelligence: 13

Wisdom: 10 [Animal Handling, Survival]

Charisma: 18 [Persuasion, Intimidation]

Invocations: Repelling Blast, Agonising Blast, Thirsting Blade, Sculpture of Flesh

Feats: Sentinel, Polearm Master

Class Features: Awakened Mind, Pact Weapon, Entropic Ward

Spellcasting Ability: Charisma

Spell Save DC: 15

Spell Attack Bonus: +7

Cantrips: Blade Ward, Friends, Eldritch Blast

Pact Magic: Hex, Witch Bolt, Crown of Madness, Suggestion, Counterspell, Vampiric Touch, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Dimension Door

Spell slots: 2

Slot level: 4

Physical appearance: Just over 6’1, built muscular-wiry. Ginger/ black hair (thin, regularly sectioned and curled dreadlocks, lightly adorned with beads and red, purple, and blue/ green thread, beard sectioned into a braid), ashen/ terra-cotta with yellow/ hazel eyes. Current and general long term attire is a leathered guard on the waist, extending between the navel and groin on front and draping from the lower back, loose fitting trousers with shin guards extending as open-toed boots, arm guards coming off from open-gloves. Wears a bone-necklace.


Born on the continent of Anonkoltipel, Marcon hails from a small village clan that formally subsisted on raiding nearby settlements, fishing, and port relations. They were conquered by a “king”, who from them demanded a tax of soldiers to guard the kingdom, and return provided aid (when convenient). It was during the conquering that Marcon’s Patron found him, spurring him on to accept that the world was much larger than his tiny coastal settlement; this was, perhaps, the sole reason for Marcon’s reluctant acceptance of defeat against the kingdom. Marcon found himself swearing oaths of loyalty to many a multiple people and groups – the king, the citizens, and his comrades chief among them. When a poor harvest motivated the people to raid their old targets again (who themselves had been conquered by the kingdom), the king ordered the Guards to quell the organisation of raids and the subsequent rebellion against the king.

Marcon mutinied his squad and sought out after his townspeople, who were understandably weary of him. His overcompensation to prove his loyalty did not succeed. The rebellion was squashed and the king decided that the whole area was filled with savages unsuitable for civilised conduct. Rather suddenly, everyone Marcon knew either wanted him dead or was dead themselves. His home town dissolved, believed abandoned.

Marcon’s wonderlust was ignited by his mysterious, otherworldly patron, though he believes it to be a benevolent spirit at first (and himself to be an ambiguous mage, perhaps a sorcerer from what he’s heard of them), he’s very slowly coming to realise the greater nature of his patron, although his lack of experience outside his home and the polarising relationship he’s since had with Red Face would leave him flabbergasted if he was “accused” of being a Warlock.

Marcon found The Timekeepers on his travels, and within them believes they may offer him the anchor in his life he’s so dearly lost. This, however, conflicts with his desire to see and explore the greater world – desires that have been tied together since seeking cover in the Underdark.

Note: the patron is a psionic entity borne of the mind an Illithid Elder Brain in the Astral plane, it’s messages being transmitted through the various Gith outposts and portals accross the planes in contact. It’s almost like a force of nature; the rituals it prescribes and the powers it bestows done so with the aim of producing a more conducive mind to bear host.

Marcon Helder

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