The Timekeepers


Everyone went to Axiom with the intention of getting on a boat and trying to find the correct island The Auction was on. After making a deal with the Captain of a ship that was leaving the next morning, the party split up. During this split, Audra and Redface went to the library, where Audra stealthily stole her book back.

Later that same day after everyone returned to the Inn, Redface panicked after discovering Audra’s book was gone. Instead of consulting the party about it, she went directly to the ruler of the area, who initiated a lockdown on the entire area until it could be found.

By the time Redface returned to the Inn, Marcon Helder had put two and two together via gathering information through mental messages and confronted Audra about having the book. After she revealed that it was back in her possession again, an argument broke out once more about who should take it from her.

Audra, severely unimpressed by everyone’s inability to be logical about the situation, was against giving anyone else the book as she felt it wouldn’t be safe in their hands considering she was able to steal it back so easily. General took her aside for a moment, and after whispering something to her and holding out his hand, she reluctantly handed the book to him. The situation had been sorted. This didn’t stop the discussion however, for some reason, and the group only calmed down after removing the pages of the book and giving Audra the binding. They used the pages to create a fake book to give the ruler of the area so he would lift the lockdown.

The following morning the party boarded their ship and left Axiom. The trip was mostly quiet save for Redface unknowingly drinking some liquid explosives and a fire starting down in the cargo hold. After being unable to find the person who started the fire, the Captain revealed that the explosives are supposed to be used in the war between The Empire and the ice races

After a few more days at sea, the group landed on the right island – signified by a beam of light shooting into the sky – and after pooling their money together they decided to try and buy what they can. Audra bought a wooden plank and a stone, the former of which wasn’t anything special. The stone turned out to be a +2 Shield. Redface bought a toy sword which turned out to be a flaming sword.

The session ended as the group were about to leave.

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I’ll fill this in eventually.

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Session 10
Session 9
Harraspor Again

Time was spent searching the Gnoll’s ancient fortress. In the room above where they set up camp, Faen found much supplies; food, some gold, and other things. Redron and his men found a passage in the courtyard, leading below the keep. They feared what lay below, and let the Faen go in. After exploring a long, dark passageway, and passing through a large room with an iron gate, they found 6 rooms. Most were bedrooms, and one was another storeroom. In one was what appeared to be some kind of suit of armour, or perhaps a statue or golem.

Whilst attempting to lug it away, with the help of Malik, it came to life. It was a warforged! A General, from the ancient times. He was created with the purpose of defeating an ancient tyrant, Malakarth. Upon learning that Malakarth was dead, he decided since his primary function was complete, he would stick with them for a time. As they returned to the main chamber, they saw a standoff. A dragonborn sorcerer had somehow entered the castle without their knowing. He was in search of a guild called the Timekeepers, presumably looking to join them. And so he did.

They set off south, to return the Hammer to Dormian, in Harraspor.Audra was left behind to bury the bodies of the slain.

Meanwhile in Harraspor, a mercenary named Redface was haggling with a guard officer named Kett over the bounty on some spiders to the north. After much debated (and intimidation) Kett agreed on a larger sum of gold in exchange for wiping out all the bandits. And so she set off northwards, towards the Blinkwood. On the way north, after passing through a strange magical grove of trees in the otherwise empty hills, she saw a camp in the distance, its campfire illuminating the darkness of dusk. She cautiously entered the camp, and entered discussion with a group called ‘The Timekeepers’. She learned of their recent adventures, and their fallen comrades. She was dismayed to learn that a cannibal was in their ranks, but after learning that he was already dealt with, made nothing of it.

After a time, Stirges swoop down on the camp, giving the opportunity for the new members to prove themselves to the old. The warforged, as it happens, is a druid, and can transform into mechanical creatures, swiftly crossing the battlefield to free people from the Stirge’s bloodsucking beaks. Redface easily avoided them, and took down many. The dragonborn did little of note I don’t know I can’t remember. After they were taken care of, they all headed south as a group, as The Timekeepers had business in Harraspor.

Upon reaching the town, they were surrounded by a large amount of knights, led by a man named Derek. He seemed all too exited about the prospect of being the one to arrest Redron himself, as well as 10 of his bandit friends, and ignored most of the party’s arguments. The main party members were split up with the bandits, and thrown into a cell adjacent to a familiar gnome, and his large comrade. Justin Time greeted the party, and caught up with their recent trials and tribulations. Eventually they heard a thud from upstairs. A clockwork pseudodragon, larger than before, swooped in, carrying a set of keys. Justin took them, unlocked his manacles, and stepped out. He took the keys from a sleeping guard, and threw them on the ground near the party’s cell, before running out, laughing as he did.

They heard burning. As they party got out and ran upstairs, they found to their dismay that the guard the pseudodragon took out was carrying a lantern, and had set fire to the tower they were beneath. Frantic to save the people, the warforged charged through the flames, while the others ran upstairs to get the guards out. As they all escaped, Derek approached, eager to stop the escape attempt, but after much discussion with Kett and Dormian, he agreed to let them go. But the bandits stayed. And he rode off to the main guard tower, to prepare their weapons for return. Meanwhile, Hello was here! They learned from Malik’s squire that Mayor Talbeck had died, andLoenhout was in charge of Theocre again. He had banished Hello from the town, and so they followed Hello northwards. After learning ofSylin’s death, Hello ran off again, and the three followed him.

As Dormian took his hammer back from the group and walked off, a man in a blue robe approached them. He introduced himself as Zylone. He was part of a group in Harraspor, here to help the refugees. They were allowing them to join them across the sea, on an island to the south west of Potra. They had a large fleet docked on the East cost, near Axiom, and would set sail in a month. He asked many questions about Dormian and his hammer. The party also noticed two of the blue robed people heading in the same direction as Dormian, shortly after he left.

Eventually, the party formulated a plan to rescue the bandits. Well, Faen did at least. Redface left to get their weapons, while Faen disguised himself as Derek, and walked into the tower to free the bandits. The guards did little to complain, but in order to ensure non saw the bandits leaving, Faen disguised himself as a passing performer, and performed. Dancing lights exploded, things were juggled, and much more occurred, to the excitement of the town. Such a crowd gathered around that little noticed the Redfists leaving town and heading south.

After the performance, which some other members participated in, the general mood in the town improved. Although the blue robed fellows seemed to be paying much attention to Faen.

Session 8
Deaths in the party

The session started like any other.

The party assembled in the now almost cleared Gnoll fortress, in a bloody ritual room. King Slurp andRolen had put to rest the Hyenas being used in the rituals. They were prepared to move on to the next, and possibly final chamber, just up the curved stairs.

They decided to send back Malik, to bring the bandits in for the final room. As soon as he left they decided to assault the final chamber without them. As SylinSylin reached the top of the stairs with Audra, and King Slurp, Rolen and Faen behind, they were greeted by a bugbear, sitting on a skull of bones. To his left were 2 gnolls, and to his right another. He gave them a choice; They could accept his bribe, and join forces with him;

Or they could fight him, and perish. Sylin chose the latter option. He charged the bugbear. In response, the gnoll to the bugbear’s right ran upstairs, out of sight. A fight ensued. Rolen fired from range. Faen shot from the stairs, hidden. Sylin, King Slurp and Audra leaping into the fray. The bugbear did little to fight back at first, only dodging. That is, until 4 gnolls ran into the room, and began firing from the stairs leading to the floor above. The party fought on, desperate for Malik and the Redfists to arrive. First King Slurp was knocked out. Then the bugbear died. Then Sylin died trying to kill the archers. Then King Slurp was bandaged up. Then the bandits arrived. Then Audra was knocked down. Then King Slurp died. Then the gnolls died.

And so the battle was won, although at great cost. Audra survived, of course, seeing as there were no more Gnolls firing at the unconscious. That was when Rolen began eating the bodies of their friends. And so the party surrounded and butchered him.

Session 7

After having a nice rest in the now abandoned bandit hideout, during which Audra was given Dormian’s magical hammer, Faen brought up to Sylin and the rest of the party that they may have sent Redron and the Redfists to their doom.

It was then that Sylin decided the group would venture north into Gnoll territory, to save the bandits. And so off they went. After a day or so’s journey the party heard fighting in the distance. They quickened their pace, and saw what remained of the redfists surrounded by Gnoll warriors, led by a large bugbear, who was in close combat with Redron. Only two thirds of the redfists remained; 2 archers on each of the 2 supply wagons, one on the ground, surrounded by Gnolls, and Redron on his horse, battling the bugbear. Both of Redron’s elite guard were already dead.

The party rushed in to assist, moving from bandit to bandit, killing all of the opposing gnolls. The bugbear received a devastating blow from the party’s rogue, and was quickly defeated. After the battle was won, only 5 redfists remained in total. Redron thanked the party for their efforts, and asked how long until the ‘Elven Temple’. The party convinced him that they were close, and so they all set off. On the journey, the party managed to convince the bandits to join their guild. They accepted, but on the condition that they could continue to wear their red gloves. Eventually, after avoiding some gnoll packs, they saw a castle in the distance. They formulated a plan to attack, and after a quick duel between Sylin and Redron, during which Sylin almost died (His brother Rolen tried to step in, but Malakarth decided he was a referee and kept Rolen away), Redron declared that he would lead the attack.

However in the end, the party convinced the bandits to stay behind, and they would attack the bandits themselves. Sneaking around the edge of the castle, they quickly assassinated three of the gnolls on guard duty, seeing as one was asleep and the other two had an archery contest on the parapets. Then they encountered a narrow drawbridge. Malik and Sylin tried to climb the wall back to back from the base of the cliff the drawbridge spanned, but quickly found it to be futile, as they merely found themselves on the wrong side.

Eventually, they decided to boost King Slurp across the gap, and over the drawbridge, which actually worked. He lowered the drawbridge, and they all entered the courtyard. They found a large group of gnolls. After an intense battle, they made their way into the keep by climbing a ladder into the only entrance, interrupting the ritualistic slaughter of prisoners by the gnolls. The session ended after the gnolls were defeated, and they discovered that the gnolls were being led by a bugbear.

Session Six: Return of the Redfists
Bandits and arguing...

The party tried to act fast. Beron quickly drew the party a quick sketch of the awaiting ambush; a narrow crevasse leading to a small clearing surrounded by steep cliffs. 4 bandits waited at the top of the cliffs; two at each side, while within the clearing, 4 or so bandits hid behind the large natural rocks.

They decided to split up. Sylin, Rolen and Beron would climb the southern cliff, while Malakarth and Malik would climb the northern face. They would sneak around and take out the bandits waiting above. Audra and Faen would wait below. Sylin insisted that none of the bandits be killed in the encounter. Faen and Malik agreed, but the others made no promises.

Sylin was the first climb, and almost instantly the rock face began collapsing around him. Very loudly. Meanwhile on the north side, Malik and King Slurp scaled the steep cliffs with ease. King Slurp was about to walk over a small rise towards the ambush spot, but quickly realized the bandits were all looking in his direction, alerted by the sound of the rock collapse. Luckily, they did not spot him. While Rolen, Beron and Sylin made another attempt at the challenge of climbing some rocks, Faen created some dancing lights in the centre of the canyon, to draw the bandits’ gaze away from them. It worked, and so Malik and King Slurp snuck up behind the bandits. As Malik slashed non lethally, King Slurp snapped the neck of the opponent without hesitation. Taking this to mean killing was allowed, Malik then murdered the other bandit.

Meanwhile on the south side, Sylin remained below, while Rolen and Beron approached the bandits. As Beron prepared to stealthily take out the bandits, Rolen fired an arrow at the other, and from it sprouted many thorns and vines, killing the bandits, and severely damaging Beron. Meanwhile in the canyon, the remaining party rushed in, to take care of the remaining bandits. One bandit had an axe launched at him from above, nearly severing his arm, and burning him to a crisp. Another was knocked out by the Rogue Faen. King Slurp leapt from rock to rock, towards the leader of the ambushers. Malik attempted to replicate Slurp’s deft movements, but failed. Upon realizing his archers were dead, the bandit captain surrendered, and the 3 remaining bandits were tied up while the party began arguing about the killing.

Sylin, being a former paladin, believed that the bandits did not deserve to die, and were merely trying to survive or something like that. Faen agreed. The others argued that it was better to kill them so they don’t rob anyone else and Rolen wanted to eat them or something. Beron stayed neutral. Eventually they sent the bandit captives back to town, and Sylin threatened to go with them if the party did not change their ways. The party agreed to no longer kill the bandits.

After passing through a small refugee camp, where the party taught the refugees how to trap animals for food, they found the bandit hideout; a series of rooms dug into a hillside, with a somewhat hidden entrance. As they entered, they found a large wooden wall with a door, and through it they heard bandits. Sylin and Faen decided to impersonate bandits, and be taken to the leader of the redfists. The bandits on guard believed them, and they were brought directly before Redron Thunderfist.

After some discussion, Sylin convinced Redron that to the north (in Gnoll territory!) there was a large, abandoned temple, filled to the brim with elvish weaponry and armour. Additionally, it would make a much better hideout than this one! Redron, after some careful consideration, and persuasion on Sylin and Faen’s part, agreed to march the remaining bandits north in full force, to find this temple! And so they left, leaving the new recruits Faen and Sylin to take care of the old hideout, and clear of the rust monster infestation. And so the party did, eventually clearing out some rocks blocking passage into an old room.

Inside, they found Dormian’s hammer.

Session Five: Justin Time Strikes Back (Kinda)
Travelling and Such

All was peaceful.

Justin Time had fled, Harys had been executed, and King Slurp had ‘recovered’ his soul from the demon Kerhs off-screen (Turns out his real name is Malakorth!). Sylin had returned his armour to the temple (Much to their displeasure), and Faen had been given ownership of Justin Time’s place as payment for their services to the town, and Audra had spent some time looking into the necromancy book they found in Justin Times’ hidden passages.

The part was gathered in a small room they had been given in the town hall. They were there under Faen’s invitation, to plan out their next move. But some thing was… off. Faen was at least 5 minutes late! As the party came to this realization, the door was kicked open, and Justin Time himself stepped into the room. He wore ancient armour forged from the bones of dragons, and wielded a giant staff made of magical crystals; the clockwork pseudo-dragon on his shoulder screeching all the while.

Justin laughed maniacally as the party drew their weapons, ready to cast down this foe once and for all! Until he shifted back into Faen, of course, who had used the opportunity to show off his new clockwork pseudo-dragon. The party were not amused. Faen led the party to Justin Time’s place, and revealed the purpose of the meeting; he wanted them to become a guild! The party heartily agrees, but realized; any good guild needs a name! And a logo of some kind! After much discussion, the party agreed on a name;

The Timekeepers!

After some more discussion, they decide on a form of identification; personal pocket watches! Shaped like shields! And so the timekeepers were kinda formed.

The party decided on their next grand adventure; to recover Dormian’s hammer! And so they set off, leaving Hello with Malik’s messenger and steward in Timekeeper HQ. And so they set off! After a day’s journey travelling along the low road weaving between hills and cliffs, to Audra’s hometown of Harraspor (They learned that the town was having bandit troubles from The Redfists, the same group who stole Dormian’s hammer years ago!), the party came across a band of refugees, fleeing south. They were 8 in total, all guards. Their leader was an old knight, named Agran O’Lachman. They were fleeing the northern encampments due to the spider attacks. Hundreds were fleeing, and many stopped in Harraspor. Agran found the place a bit too crowded for his liking, and decided to move to Theocre. On their way south, many refugees were having trouble with a large band of gnolls, and the Redfists. Malik’s squire offered to escort the refugees to Theocre, which they readily accepted. Later that day, a storm began rolling in. The party quickly found shelter in the form of an abandoned windmill! After clearing out a giant rat or two, the party quickly slept, with Sylin taking first watch. However, the party quickly awoke at the same time to find Sylin missing, and an orange glow filling the windmill from the outside. They heard a loud, metallic roar.

Upon heading outside, the party found themselves, and the windmill, on a small floating island above a sea of flame, as the storm raged on overhead. In the distance they saw a large shape flying towards them. Upon closer inspection, they realized it to be a giant clockwork dragon. And on it’s back, Justin Time. As they dragon flew near the island, it hovered, and Justin Time leaped from it’s back onto the island with the party. He appeared… different. Bits of skin on his face hung off, revealing the skull underneath, and his entire left arm had been stripped to the bone, and had a strange purple glow. As the party readied to strike, Justin raised his skeletal arm and a beam of light emerged, at which point the party awoke.

Sylin had returned, having never left, and scrawled above the wall in the blood of the giant rats was the word ‘Leave’. The party immediately came to the conclusion that this was the work of a ghost, at which point Malakarth ran out screaming. As Malakarth stood outside in the rain, the party attempted to summon the ghost, performing a variety of rituals, to no avail, as the ghost was outside trying to make conversation with Malakarth, questioning what the party were trying to do. Malakarth screamed, and the party stepped outside to see the ghost; a young woman. After a brief discussion, they learned that her name was Melyssa. She did not want them to stay in her mill. So they left.

Later it was a new day, the sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the air filled with the sound of high-pitched screaming, as the party came upon a halfling cottage being attacked by an ogre. At least 20 halflings were fleeing from the beast, but were trapped inside their cottage’s perimeter hedge. The party closed in, moving around the beast but not approaching too close, with the exception of Sylin, who charged in and leapt onto the beasts back. The killing blow was dealt by Rolen, who spent combat casting a variety of enchantments on his weapon, to deal massive damage, killing the beast.

The party celebrated with the halflings, and on the way out Malakarth managed to steal several casks of ale, which Sylin promptly smashed. And so they journeyed on. The following day little occured, until Rolen noticed they were being followed, by a pack of panthers. They ran, making it to Harraspor before the panthers got too close.

The party quickly made their way to the council room, interrupting a heated argument, and made some discussion with the 4 council members about the refugees. There were many camps in the forest to the north, although in recent times the spider hordes were pushing east, driving them out of their homes, and right through Gnoll and Bandit territory. The party offered to rid them of their bandit trouble, which they accepted.

The party all stayed in a local inn for the night, with the exception of Sylin, who stayed in Audra’s home, with Audra. And the following day they set out! Leaving Dormian behind, of course, seeing as he was of little use in a fight. After a day’s travel or two, moving in between large cliff faces, Rolen spotted a man standing at the top of a cliff, near an area where the two cliffs moved into a narrow passage. They exchanged some signals, and the man climbed down the rock face, and was recogniZed by the party as Beron.

He informed them that there was a large ambush waiting for them up ahead.

Session Four: A New Quest
The Rescue

Sylin, Faen and Varonel were all staying in Justin Time’s place. Justin Time was teaching Faen all about enchantment, and Sylin was teaching Hello all about how to speak. They heard a loud crash. Upon investigation, Sylin learnt from Adonis that King Slurp is chasing a demon he summoned in the inn. They decide to return to Justin Time’s place, where Varonel announces that he means to leave them, to return to his students in Malia.

Meanwhile, Malik the Knight arrives in TheĆ³cre, having been sent there from the village of Grandalton, to help with the disappearances. Upon questioning some townsfolk, he learns about the demon summoning, and finds the party in Justin Time’s place, where Justin Time is showing the party a clockwork pseudodragon he created.

With Malik are a squire, a messenger, and a steward. The steward, in confusion accidentally hits the clockwork pseudodragon, and would have been poisoned if it weren’t for Sylin knocking the dragon aside, much to Justin’s dismay. Sylin challenges Malik to a duel, in order to prove his worth. Although starting strong, Sylin was poisoned by the clockwork pseudodragon during the fight, and was defeated by The Great Malik. Sylin is healed once again at Lathandar’s temple, and the party go to sleep.

The following day, Moroko the Half-Orc priest has also reappeared. The party go to his temple (Kord). Sylin directs a punch at the priest, but misses, hitting a small orphan behind him instead. Sylin then falls on top of the orphan, pinning him to the ground. At this, Adonis leaves the party.
At this, a cleric, Content Not Found: audra, arrives from the northern village of Harraspor to help with the disappearances.She finds the paladin assaulting an orphan, and is sad to discover these were the people in charge of the investigation. Audra is filled in, and Faerin, the innkeep for The Drunken Trout, wants the party to help him, as he believes he is being stalked. The party spends some time in an abandoned theater trying on costumes (Sylin leaves his armour, and thus his paladin-ness behind) before returning to Faerin, setting up positions throughout the inn.

They fail to spot the intruder until he has already left the building with Faerin slunk over his shoulder. They follow it to a nearby field, where they discover it to be an animated scarecrow. Audra incinerates it. Upon realizing that Faerin is nowhere to be seen, they discover a hidden passageway, leading to a small underground room, inside which are all the remaining missing people, now possessed, and 2 hooded figures, seemingly in control. One is around dwarven height, while the other stands tall. Faen and Malik spend time trying to bring the possessed back to their sense, while Audra and Sylin move to rescue Rolen, Sylin’s brother. After a brief duel between the possessed Rolen and Sylin, Rolen snaps back to his senses, and manages to capture one of the hooded figures, now revealed to be Harys. he moves against the other, but is attacked by the clockwork pseudodragon owned by the other hooded figure; Justin Time. Justin manages to escape, bringing the possessed back to their senses. In the underground system, the party find hidden passages leading to both Justin Time and Harys’ homes, and Audra finds a book on basic necromancy.

Harys is arrested and Justin is nowhere to be found, and Faen is given ownership of Justin Time’s old shop as a reward. Meanwhile, Dormian reveals that his hammer was stolen many years ago, by a bandit group called the Redfists; a group which was at one point hired to ambush the party.

Session Three

The following morning, the party find a bunch of guards searching their inn. The innkeep Gor Gunth, another Orc, has gone missing! Outside, the party see Mayor Talbeck and the guard captain Harys trying to calm down the crowd, and announcing that they will began guard patrols throughout the town at night (Much to the annoyance of Harys). At that, Lord Loenhout arrived in town. Upon hearing of a third disappearance, he demands that the guards only patrol the noble district. Talbeck reluctantly agrees.

At that, he sends his knights throughout the town, and demands to know “Where is the ”/characters/faen-adamas" class=“wiki-content-link”>Drow?" Sylin and Faen rush into an alley, before Sylin steps out and confront Loenhout.
Meanwhile in the alley, Justin Time rushes Faen back to his shop, and proceeds to lock him in his basement, promising that he’ll be safe there.Varonel buys his health potions for a discount.
Back in the street, Sylin managed to convince the Lord that Faen was sent back to his temple, to face justice. At that Sylin noticed that his brother Rolen was nowhere to be found, and they go to a different inn; The Drunken Trout; where they all buy rooms, and King Slurp tracks down Faen, before going back to working on his alchemy, while the rest of the party help about in the inn, in order to pay for their rooms. Back in Justin Time’s basement, Faen has been given a Hat of Disguise, so Loenhout won’t be able to identify him. Faen transforms into Lord Crow and speaks to the party briefly before being outed.

The party decides to stay up all night in the poor district keeping patrol for any would-be kidnappers, but in the end, find nothing, so they decide to sneak into Lord Loenhout’s manor the following morning instead. Upon reaching the dungeon, they find it occupied by a young half-orc, who can only say the word ‘Hello’. They name him hello, and rush to free him from his cell, before being cornered by Loenhout’s guards. They discover that Hello is the child born between Loenhout’s wife, and one of the orcs in town. Loenhout agrees to let the paladin take care of Hello, as well as informing them that he often sees people walking in the fields surrounding the town during the night.

Upon exiting the manor, the party are invited to a meeting, discovering that Anguy has also gone missing. The meeting consists of all the heads of each of the surrounding villages. Sylin urges them all to send their finest warriors to the town, and is given command of the city watch by Talbeck, to Harys’ surprise. The party leave Hello with Justin Time, and King Slurp goes back to brewing, while the others camp out in a field that night, along with several guards, including Harys. In the night, they find nothing, but upon returning to town they discover that Dormian has returned.

He seems somewhat distant, and intent on convincing people that he was merely lost in a forest, an excuse Talbeck wholeheartedly accepts. The party follow him to his house, and Sylin beats him up a bit, but Dormian responds with no violence. He also ignores the letter meant to be delivered to him, insisting on continuing his work. Sylin, Varonel and Faen give up, and return to Justin Time’s while Adonis checks in on King Slurp.

King Slurp has summoned a powerful demon; the demon who stole his soul. After a brief laugh, the demon knocks King Slurp to near unconsciousness and flies away. The demon’s name is Kerhs.


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