Deities and Such

‘Good’ Deities

Deity Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol</th?>
Haerma, God of Plants and the Earth NG Nature A sapling with 3 leaves
Koral, God of Order and Ruling LG Knowledge, War A golden cog
Salbus, God of War and Healing LG Life, War A bloody sword wrapped in cloth
Sunar, God of Magic and Destiny CG Knowledge Crystal ball surrounded by 15 stars
Syr, God of Fire and Renewal NG Light, Life A phoenix

‘Neutral’ Deities:

Deity Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol</th?>
Arkan, God of Sky, Stars and Architecture N Knowledge A silver sun being eclipsed by a star
Durein, God of Secrets and Undeath - Knowledge, Death A skeletal hand with an open eye in the palm
Gemvor, God of Judgement LN Life, Death Balanced scales hanging from a warhammer
Harren, Master of Beasts and Monsters N Life, Nature A pair of antlers
Orellon, God of Thievery and Trade CN Trickery A 5-sided golden coin

‘Evil’ Deities:

Deity Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol</th?>
Denair, God of Death, Plague and Famine CE Death A scythe held by a skeletal arm
Malar, God of Night and Ice NE Death, Tempest A snowflake with a central eye
Rorx, God of Storms and Wrath CE Tempest, War A triangle of lightning bolts
Walvas, God of Vengeance and the Sea LE Tempest, Nature, War A silver trident
Zephus, God of Insanity and Revelry CE Trickery, War A laughing mask

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Deities and Such

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