Axiom is one of the oldest cities in Pótra, and one of the most widespread. The city itself is almost entirely constructed of stone, which forms a large wall around the city, bar the side that resides beside the sea. The city has a reasonably sized docks for a city of its caliber, drawing in many traders from the Thousand Isles and beyond. The city itself has two notable buildings; the Keep, and the Great Library of Axiom.

The Keep itself is of an intricate design, made by some of the best stone-workers of their age, and designed by some of the best tacticians of the time. Many a time in Pótra’s long and bloody city the city has been attacked, and in the few events where the main city fell, the keep remained unbreakable, having magical farms dotted around the interior, to keep the defenders sustained in a prolonged siege.

The Library is one of, if not the greatest in the world, rivaling The Keep in size. Its shelves are filled to the brim with adventure novels, scrolls, proclamations, and various other historical components, and even tales of ancient monsters lost to time, whom would drive a man mad at just a glance. The Library is also famous for it’s section of the Gods; the central chamber of the building is divided into 15 sections, each containing books with everything needed to know about the gods of our realm.


It is not known who settled Axiom, but it is widely believed to be the first human settlement in Pótra. The city seems to have been constructed in Stone from the beginning, with ancient runes carved into the walls, some say as ancient enchantments to ensure the city never falls, which we know to be a falsehood.

Although many left the city to settle new towns further inland, Axiom turned out to be a prime location for trade with other continents or islands to the north, as well as being a very defensive location, having a castle on the island north of Axiom to warn of any incoming ships, as well as shielding the city from view of invaders.

Recent Events

Of late, Axiom has been the host to a large number of off-continent mages nicknamed the Blue Robes. The city was used as a staging area for them to send various envoys across Potra, even to Harraspor, where they took the refugees across the sea to safe lands for them to live. Inside the city itself, the blue robes held many a speech, convincing much of the local population to join them when they left the city for home. In their last speech, almost the entire crowd, consisting of thousands, joined them on their journey. Since then, the city has been lacking in population, and could be in danger if those people’s roles aren’t replaced.


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