The Timekeepers

Session Two: Clockwork Boogaloo
The attack on Wayward Manor

After a peaceful night in the Orcish Barstool, the party woke up, greeted the innkeep, prepared for a day of investigating, and instantly split up into several different groups.

Varonel, the tiefling wizard went to the general goods store, owned by Jory, inside which he saw a gnome, buying rope and metal pieces. Varonel thought nothing of it and bought a piece of paper at the cost of 1 gold, and left with the promise of several health potions on his next shopping spree. Faen, the drow, went to the building owned by the gnome who made his watch; Justin Time himself. After a brief conversation, Justin agreed to take Faen on as his apprentice. Rolen searched high and low across the town for more hallucinogenic material.

Meanwhile the remaining party members (Sylin, Adonis and King Slurp) went to pay a visit to a local weapon seller, Anguy, having heard previously that an old woman swore she saw him lurking outside Dormian’s house, the night Dormian disappeared. Anguy was an unkempt man, sleeping in a straw bed in the middle of his shop. Bits of this straw clings to his clothing. After some bartering, Anguy challenged Sylin to a duel, to prove the quality of his weapons. After a brief fight, Sylin bought the sword, while Adonis stomped around in the building, looking for hidden rooms. She found none… yet. The party eventually met up again, and decided to search Dormian’s house for any clues. Inside they found bits of straw on the floor, and a broken Lathandar pendant. Then King Slurp knocked Sylin into unconsciousness.

After dropping off Sylin at a local temple, some members of the group (Adonis and King Slurp) decided to try and break into Anguy’s shop. They failed. They ran back to the inn in the chaos. That night there was a terrible storm, and King Slurp spent his time brewing potions. On the morning, the party discover that a local priest whom they had previously suspected (Called Moroko) had also gone missing, under similar circumstances. Sylin decides to lead the group to the local manor rather than investigating.

Upon reaching the gates, the guard only permit Adonis to enter, under the guise of requesting a meeting with the local lord. Faen, meanwhile, climbed the fence and joined Adanis, leaving the rest of the party outside.

While Faen and Adonis had a brief, uneventful meeting with Lord Loenhout, those outside formulated a plan to rush the guards and break into the manor. Varonel would form a smoke cloud, while King Slurp and Sylin would rush the 2 guards. King Slurp immediately fell onto his face, but Sylin was successful, until the guard stabbed him with a greatsword. After some tense negotiations, Lord Loenhout agreed to forgive the group, and allowed Faen to wait in his manor while Sylin recovered in one of the guest room. Upon waking up, Sylin and Faen explore the manor, after stealing some guard’s armour they found on display as a disguise. Passing through the barracks into the basement, they found a hidden room in the wine cellar, which appeared to be a dungeon. It was empty. On their way out of the manor they passed Lord Loenhout, who appeared to have a very tall prisoner. The prisoner did not speak, and was being led towards the barracks. Sylin and Faen left to rejoin the party.

That night, there was a storm.

Session the First
The Journey to Theócre

Thornil, the Protector of Stoneholm sent a local paladin, Sylin to the nearby town of Theocre to deliver a letter directly to a half-orc blacksmith named Dormian. As the paladin made preparations for the journey, he encountered his brother Rolen, a ranger, who stayed to ‘help’ his brother on this difficult quest. They also hired a local wizard named Varonel to assist them. On their journey they came across the drunken monk King Slurp and the rogue Adonis. They were also stalked by a drow rogue Faen for a time, before eventually having Faen join the party. The ltter is requestins that Dormian bring his ’father’s hammer’ to Stoneholm, as they are needed ‘now more than ever’.

On their travels they travelled through a small tunnel, inside which they were ambushed by a group of hired thugs. 6 of the bandits were killed, but one escaped (Severely injuring Rolen). The eighth bandit, however, was spared. This bandit, Beron, revealed that they were hired by a dwarf from Stoneholm, whom he could not identify.

As they neared Theocre, they passed a trader, from which the group received a watch from clock merchant ‘Justin Time’, and a shield forged by the blacksmith Dormian, whom they then discovered had gone missing. As they approached the town, a storm approached, and the group felt a constant evil presence watching them from the fields. Upon their arrival, a crowd is dispersing from the town hall. While Rolen and King Slurp pay a visit to the temple of Lathandar (inside which Rolen donates some drugs to the priesthood) Sylin, Varonel, Adonis and Faen go to Mayor Talbeck, who, after a brief discussion, promises them rooms in ‘The Orcish Barstool). Upon meeting up with the others and reaching the inn, however, they are forced to buy rooms instead by the innkeep, Gor Gunth.


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