Torinn Delmeriv

Dragonborn sorcerer. Feeling kind of lost.


Torinn hails from a Jungian Bronze dragonborn clan. After hearing rumour that a powerful guild known as “The Timekeeper’s” were stirring nearby, the somewhat lost Torinn believed that by investigating them he would prove his worth to the clan (seeing little other means of doing so).

Torinn is becoming increasingly interested in life without the suffocating presence of the clan, but he yet earns for an anchor point in his life. He’d like to project these insecurities onto the party he now finds himself in, but for now the group seems more dangerous than what he had at first heard. Torinn is (currently) Lawful Good; the laws and traditions he based his life on are now quite outdated, and naming The Timekeeper’s “good” requires a pretty high mental acrobatics check.

May want to become a dragon. May or may not have tied snakes and bats together, and after gluing little baby gloves and shoes on them, called his creation a dragon. May or may not have shoved an alchemist fire in the snakes mouth when he realised it doesn’t have a breath attack.

Torinn Delmeriv

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