Redron Thunderfist

The fierce and determined leader of the redfists. Willing to do whatever is best for his people to survive.


Redron joined the Redfists when he was but a child, back when the Redfists were commanded by Kale. Kale raised him as his own, and eventually, Redron succeeded him as leader of the Redfists.

He brought the Redfist’s to new heights, finding them a more permanent hiding place in the form of an old elven building from the Orcish Invasions. Under his command, more people joined the Redfists than there were in a hundred years! He nicknamed himself ‘Thunderfist’, and wore red and yellow gloves, rather than the traditional red.

When the party encountered him under the guise of new recruits, Sylin convinced him to pack up his things and move north to a new base of operations, full of elven weaponry, and easily defendable. Doing what’s best for his people, Redron agreed, and marched into Gnoll territory in full force. His current status is Unknown

Redron Thunderfist

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