Lord Loenhout

Disrespectful and suspicious towards the 'lesser' races, this man rules over the town of Theocre and it's surrounding lands


When Loenhout’s father died and he became lord, Loenhout was at first excited. But quickly grew bored. Eventually he came up with a great idea; appoint a mayor! So Loenhout went to his childhood friend Talbeck and made the offer. Talbeck agreed, and so Loenhout lived a life of luxury in his family’s manor.

Until his wife gave birth to a half-orc, of course. He forbid his wife from leaving the manor property, and kept the child locked away in the basement. Occasionally, as the child grew older, Loenhout tried to have him killed. He would take the child, who could not even speak, into the fields with a crossbow, with the intent to kill. But he could not.

But even so, this fueled Loenhout’s dislike of ‘lesser’ races, such as Drow, or Orcs.

Loenhout currently wants the drow, Faen, executed on the grounds of infiltrating his manor, and ‘snooping where he doesn’t belong’. After finding the party in the basement of his manor, trying to sneak away with ‘Hello’, he reluctantly agreed to let them take on Hello as one of their own.

After some time, disaster struck the town; People were going missing! Loenhout did little to stop these disappearances, as, in fact, he did not know about them until an adventuring party went to his manor and demanded that he try to stop them! This made him realize how out of touch he was with his people, so when Mayor Talbeck died in an unfortunate accident, he decided he needed to step up to the mantle, and prove that he could be a competent ruler.

Lord Loenhout

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