Captain Harys

A bald captain with slight stubble. Served as Justin Time's accomplice.


Served as guard captain for many years in the town of Theocre, but always grew angry that the crime rate wouldn’t go down as much as he wanted. Until Justin Time gave him a suggestion; brainwash all the criminals into not committing crimes! Harys thought this to be a great idea!

So Harys was given the duty of rounding up criminals, while Justin brainwashed them. Naturally Harys had the scarecrows capture those most likely to commit crimes; orcs and half-orcs! All went well, the people trying to stop the kidnappings trusted him with their plans, until they were caught of course. Justin Time fled, leaving Harys to the party’s mercy. After being arrested, he was quickly executed by Lord Loenhout.

Captain Harys

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