Faen Adamas

A secretive Drow who is more comfortable hidden behind other faces and personas



Faen | LV3 | Assassin Rogue


- STR: 9 {-1}
- DEX: 17 {+3}
- CON: 12 {+1}
- INT: 14 {+2}
- WIS: 10 {+0}
- CHA: 14 {+2}

- Proficiency Bonus: +2
- Passive Perception: 12
- Armor Class: 14


- Rapier – +5 Atk Bonus | 1D8 dmg +3
- Dagger x 2 – +5 Atk Bonus | 1D4 dmg +3
- Hand crossbow – +5 Atk Bonus | 1D6 dmg +3
- Leather Armour


- Disguise kit
- Jewelers kit
- Medical kit (6)
- Tent
- Blanket
- Adventure kit
- Disguise hat
- Hooded cloak
- Playing cards
- Pocket watch
- 2 Health potions (2D4 + 4)
- Torch (10)
- Rations (8)
- Time pendant (250G)
- Mind control | Enchantment books


- Common | Elvish | Abysll


- Fey Ancestry
- Dark vision – 120ft
- Sneak Attack – Gives an extra 2 D6 when advantage. No need for advantage when in stealth or ally within 5 feet of enemy.
- Dash, Disengage, Hide
- Assassinate – Advantage on enemies who haven’t taken a turn in combat yet. Auto crit on surprise.


- Dancing Lights



Faen is first and foremost prideful and ambitious, he wants to succeed so others will look up to him; although he is at constant war with himself – the evil nature of his race and upbringing clashing against his natural good–heartedness.
He was raised believing those who show too much emotion are weak, therefore he tries to bury his true self, now made much easier with the hat of disguise. He is very rarely in his own form now, instead working on crafting other personas to hide behind.
He is goal orientated, neglecting the new found luxuries of the surface world in order to complete his personal quest. He feels as though making “friends” is too much work, but, so is making enemies. He tries to stay on everyone’s good side to avoid conflict.


Faen feels as though he needs to be an important figure, regardless if it means losing a part of himself along the way. His ideals however are a little shaky, he is still young and somewhat childish, and has yet to form an ideal by himself.


Although the Underdark was not the best place for Faen he still feels an attachment to it. Once he completes his goal he will return to show his Uncle, who will surely be proud of him.


He is a little too eager to prove himself and won’t turn down any non-combat challenge. His pride and reluctance to show his true self can get in the way of making new relationships and friends. He may find himself alone one day.

Faen Adamas

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