The Timekeepers

Session Three


The following morning, the party find a bunch of guards searching their inn. The innkeep Gor Gunth, another Orc, has gone missing! Outside, the party see Mayor Talbeck and the guard captain Harys trying to calm down the crowd, and announcing that they will began guard patrols throughout the town at night (Much to the annoyance of Harys). At that, Lord Loenhout arrived in town. Upon hearing of a third disappearance, he demands that the guards only patrol the noble district. Talbeck reluctantly agrees.

At that, he sends his knights throughout the town, and demands to know “Where is the ”/characters/faen-adamas" class=“wiki-content-link”>Drow?" Sylin and Faen rush into an alley, before Sylin steps out and confront Loenhout.
Meanwhile in the alley, Justin Time rushes Faen back to his shop, and proceeds to lock him in his basement, promising that he’ll be safe there.Varonel buys his health potions for a discount.
Back in the street, Sylin managed to convince the Lord that Faen was sent back to his temple, to face justice. At that Sylin noticed that his brother Rolen was nowhere to be found, and they go to a different inn; The Drunken Trout; where they all buy rooms, and King Slurp tracks down Faen, before going back to working on his alchemy, while the rest of the party help about in the inn, in order to pay for their rooms. Back in Justin Time’s basement, Faen has been given a Hat of Disguise, so Loenhout won’t be able to identify him. Faen transforms into Lord Crow and speaks to the party briefly before being outed.

The party decides to stay up all night in the poor district keeping patrol for any would-be kidnappers, but in the end, find nothing, so they decide to sneak into Lord Loenhout’s manor the following morning instead. Upon reaching the dungeon, they find it occupied by a young half-orc, who can only say the word ‘Hello’. They name him hello, and rush to free him from his cell, before being cornered by Loenhout’s guards. They discover that Hello is the child born between Loenhout’s wife, and one of the orcs in town. Loenhout agrees to let the paladin take care of Hello, as well as informing them that he often sees people walking in the fields surrounding the town during the night.

Upon exiting the manor, the party are invited to a meeting, discovering that Anguy has also gone missing. The meeting consists of all the heads of each of the surrounding villages. Sylin urges them all to send their finest warriors to the town, and is given command of the city watch by Talbeck, to Harys’ surprise. The party leave Hello with Justin Time, and King Slurp goes back to brewing, while the others camp out in a field that night, along with several guards, including Harys. In the night, they find nothing, but upon returning to town they discover that Dormian has returned.

He seems somewhat distant, and intent on convincing people that he was merely lost in a forest, an excuse Talbeck wholeheartedly accepts. The party follow him to his house, and Sylin beats him up a bit, but Dormian responds with no violence. He also ignores the letter meant to be delivered to him, insisting on continuing his work. Sylin, Varonel and Faen give up, and return to Justin Time’s while Adonis checks in on King Slurp.

King Slurp has summoned a powerful demon; the demon who stole his soul. After a brief laugh, the demon knocks King Slurp to near unconsciousness and flies away. The demon’s name is Kerhs.


Kyzon Kyzon

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