The Timekeepers

Session Four: A New Quest

The Rescue

Sylin, Faen and Varonel were all staying in Justin Time’s place. Justin Time was teaching Faen all about enchantment, and Sylin was teaching Hello all about how to speak. They heard a loud crash. Upon investigation, Sylin learnt from Adonis that King Slurp is chasing a demon he summoned in the inn. They decide to return to Justin Time’s place, where Varonel announces that he means to leave them, to return to his students in Malia.

Meanwhile, Malik the Knight arrives in TheĆ³cre, having been sent there from the village of Grandalton, to help with the disappearances. Upon questioning some townsfolk, he learns about the demon summoning, and finds the party in Justin Time’s place, where Justin Time is showing the party a clockwork pseudodragon he created.

With Malik are a squire, a messenger, and a steward. The steward, in confusion accidentally hits the clockwork pseudodragon, and would have been poisoned if it weren’t for Sylin knocking the dragon aside, much to Justin’s dismay. Sylin challenges Malik to a duel, in order to prove his worth. Although starting strong, Sylin was poisoned by the clockwork pseudodragon during the fight, and was defeated by The Great Malik. Sylin is healed once again at Lathandar’s temple, and the party go to sleep.

The following day, Moroko the Half-Orc priest has also reappeared. The party go to his temple (Kord). Sylin directs a punch at the priest, but misses, hitting a small orphan behind him instead. Sylin then falls on top of the orphan, pinning him to the ground. At this, Adonis leaves the party.
At this, a cleric, Content Not Found: audra, arrives from the northern village of Harraspor to help with the disappearances.She finds the paladin assaulting an orphan, and is sad to discover these were the people in charge of the investigation. Audra is filled in, and Faerin, the innkeep for The Drunken Trout, wants the party to help him, as he believes he is being stalked. The party spends some time in an abandoned theater trying on costumes (Sylin leaves his armour, and thus his paladin-ness behind) before returning to Faerin, setting up positions throughout the inn.

They fail to spot the intruder until he has already left the building with Faerin slunk over his shoulder. They follow it to a nearby field, where they discover it to be an animated scarecrow. Audra incinerates it. Upon realizing that Faerin is nowhere to be seen, they discover a hidden passageway, leading to a small underground room, inside which are all the remaining missing people, now possessed, and 2 hooded figures, seemingly in control. One is around dwarven height, while the other stands tall. Faen and Malik spend time trying to bring the possessed back to their sense, while Audra and Sylin move to rescue Rolen, Sylin’s brother. After a brief duel between the possessed Rolen and Sylin, Rolen snaps back to his senses, and manages to capture one of the hooded figures, now revealed to be Harys. he moves against the other, but is attacked by the clockwork pseudodragon owned by the other hooded figure; Justin Time. Justin manages to escape, bringing the possessed back to their senses. In the underground system, the party find hidden passages leading to both Justin Time and Harys’ homes, and Audra finds a book on basic necromancy.

Harys is arrested and Justin is nowhere to be found, and Faen is given ownership of Justin Time’s old shop as a reward. Meanwhile, Dormian reveals that his hammer was stolen many years ago, by a bandit group called the Redfists; a group which was at one point hired to ambush the party.


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