The Timekeepers

Session Five: Justin Time Strikes Back (Kinda)

Travelling and Such

All was peaceful.

Justin Time had fled, Harys had been executed, and King Slurp had ‘recovered’ his soul from the demon Kerhs off-screen (Turns out his real name is Malakorth!). Sylin had returned his armour to the temple (Much to their displeasure), and Faen had been given ownership of Justin Time’s place as payment for their services to the town, and Audra had spent some time looking into the necromancy book they found in Justin Times’ hidden passages.

The part was gathered in a small room they had been given in the town hall. They were there under Faen’s invitation, to plan out their next move. But some thing was… off. Faen was at least 5 minutes late! As the party came to this realization, the door was kicked open, and Justin Time himself stepped into the room. He wore ancient armour forged from the bones of dragons, and wielded a giant staff made of magical crystals; the clockwork pseudo-dragon on his shoulder screeching all the while.

Justin laughed maniacally as the party drew their weapons, ready to cast down this foe once and for all! Until he shifted back into Faen, of course, who had used the opportunity to show off his new clockwork pseudo-dragon. The party were not amused. Faen led the party to Justin Time’s place, and revealed the purpose of the meeting; he wanted them to become a guild! The party heartily agrees, but realized; any good guild needs a name! And a logo of some kind! After much discussion, the party agreed on a name;

The Timekeepers!

After some more discussion, they decide on a form of identification; personal pocket watches! Shaped like shields! And so the timekeepers were kinda formed.

The party decided on their next grand adventure; to recover Dormian’s hammer! And so they set off, leaving Hello with Malik’s messenger and steward in Timekeeper HQ. And so they set off! After a day’s journey travelling along the low road weaving between hills and cliffs, to Audra’s hometown of Harraspor (They learned that the town was having bandit troubles from The Redfists, the same group who stole Dormian’s hammer years ago!), the party came across a band of refugees, fleeing south. They were 8 in total, all guards. Their leader was an old knight, named Agran O’Lachman. They were fleeing the northern encampments due to the spider attacks. Hundreds were fleeing, and many stopped in Harraspor. Agran found the place a bit too crowded for his liking, and decided to move to Theocre. On their way south, many refugees were having trouble with a large band of gnolls, and the Redfists. Malik’s squire offered to escort the refugees to Theocre, which they readily accepted. Later that day, a storm began rolling in. The party quickly found shelter in the form of an abandoned windmill! After clearing out a giant rat or two, the party quickly slept, with Sylin taking first watch. However, the party quickly awoke at the same time to find Sylin missing, and an orange glow filling the windmill from the outside. They heard a loud, metallic roar.

Upon heading outside, the party found themselves, and the windmill, on a small floating island above a sea of flame, as the storm raged on overhead. In the distance they saw a large shape flying towards them. Upon closer inspection, they realized it to be a giant clockwork dragon. And on it’s back, Justin Time. As they dragon flew near the island, it hovered, and Justin Time leaped from it’s back onto the island with the party. He appeared… different. Bits of skin on his face hung off, revealing the skull underneath, and his entire left arm had been stripped to the bone, and had a strange purple glow. As the party readied to strike, Justin raised his skeletal arm and a beam of light emerged, at which point the party awoke.

Sylin had returned, having never left, and scrawled above the wall in the blood of the giant rats was the word ‘Leave’. The party immediately came to the conclusion that this was the work of a ghost, at which point Malakarth ran out screaming. As Malakarth stood outside in the rain, the party attempted to summon the ghost, performing a variety of rituals, to no avail, as the ghost was outside trying to make conversation with Malakarth, questioning what the party were trying to do. Malakarth screamed, and the party stepped outside to see the ghost; a young woman. After a brief discussion, they learned that her name was Melyssa. She did not want them to stay in her mill. So they left.

Later it was a new day, the sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the air filled with the sound of high-pitched screaming, as the party came upon a halfling cottage being attacked by an ogre. At least 20 halflings were fleeing from the beast, but were trapped inside their cottage’s perimeter hedge. The party closed in, moving around the beast but not approaching too close, with the exception of Sylin, who charged in and leapt onto the beasts back. The killing blow was dealt by Rolen, who spent combat casting a variety of enchantments on his weapon, to deal massive damage, killing the beast.

The party celebrated with the halflings, and on the way out Malakarth managed to steal several casks of ale, which Sylin promptly smashed. And so they journeyed on. The following day little occured, until Rolen noticed they were being followed, by a pack of panthers. They ran, making it to Harraspor before the panthers got too close.

The party quickly made their way to the council room, interrupting a heated argument, and made some discussion with the 4 council members about the refugees. There were many camps in the forest to the north, although in recent times the spider hordes were pushing east, driving them out of their homes, and right through Gnoll and Bandit territory. The party offered to rid them of their bandit trouble, which they accepted.

The party all stayed in a local inn for the night, with the exception of Sylin, who stayed in Audra’s home, with Audra. And the following day they set out! Leaving Dormian behind, of course, seeing as he was of little use in a fight. After a day’s travel or two, moving in between large cliff faces, Rolen spotted a man standing at the top of a cliff, near an area where the two cliffs moved into a narrow passage. They exchanged some signals, and the man climbed down the rock face, and was recogniZed by the party as Beron.

He informed them that there was a large ambush waiting for them up ahead.


Kyzon Kyzon

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