The Timekeepers

Session 9

Harraspor Again

Time was spent searching the Gnoll’s ancient fortress. In the room above where they set up camp, Faen found much supplies; food, some gold, and other things. Redron and his men found a passage in the courtyard, leading below the keep. They feared what lay below, and let the Faen go in. After exploring a long, dark passageway, and passing through a large room with an iron gate, they found 6 rooms. Most were bedrooms, and one was another storeroom. In one was what appeared to be some kind of suit of armour, or perhaps a statue or golem.

Whilst attempting to lug it away, with the help of Malik, it came to life. It was a warforged! A General, from the ancient times. He was created with the purpose of defeating an ancient tyrant, Malakarth. Upon learning that Malakarth was dead, he decided since his primary function was complete, he would stick with them for a time. As they returned to the main chamber, they saw a standoff. A dragonborn sorcerer had somehow entered the castle without their knowing. He was in search of a guild called the Timekeepers, presumably looking to join them. And so he did.

They set off south, to return the Hammer to Dormian, in Harraspor.Audra was left behind to bury the bodies of the slain.

Meanwhile in Harraspor, a mercenary named Redface was haggling with a guard officer named Kett over the bounty on some spiders to the north. After much debated (and intimidation) Kett agreed on a larger sum of gold in exchange for wiping out all the bandits. And so she set off northwards, towards the Blinkwood. On the way north, after passing through a strange magical grove of trees in the otherwise empty hills, she saw a camp in the distance, its campfire illuminating the darkness of dusk. She cautiously entered the camp, and entered discussion with a group called ‘The Timekeepers’. She learned of their recent adventures, and their fallen comrades. She was dismayed to learn that a cannibal was in their ranks, but after learning that he was already dealt with, made nothing of it.

After a time, Stirges swoop down on the camp, giving the opportunity for the new members to prove themselves to the old. The warforged, as it happens, is a druid, and can transform into mechanical creatures, swiftly crossing the battlefield to free people from the Stirge’s bloodsucking beaks. Redface easily avoided them, and took down many. The dragonborn did little of note I don’t know I can’t remember. After they were taken care of, they all headed south as a group, as The Timekeepers had business in Harraspor.

Upon reaching the town, they were surrounded by a large amount of knights, led by a man named Derek. He seemed all too exited about the prospect of being the one to arrest Redron himself, as well as 10 of his bandit friends, and ignored most of the party’s arguments. The main party members were split up with the bandits, and thrown into a cell adjacent to a familiar gnome, and his large comrade. Justin Time greeted the party, and caught up with their recent trials and tribulations. Eventually they heard a thud from upstairs. A clockwork pseudodragon, larger than before, swooped in, carrying a set of keys. Justin took them, unlocked his manacles, and stepped out. He took the keys from a sleeping guard, and threw them on the ground near the party’s cell, before running out, laughing as he did.

They heard burning. As they party got out and ran upstairs, they found to their dismay that the guard the pseudodragon took out was carrying a lantern, and had set fire to the tower they were beneath. Frantic to save the people, the warforged charged through the flames, while the others ran upstairs to get the guards out. As they all escaped, Derek approached, eager to stop the escape attempt, but after much discussion with Kett and Dormian, he agreed to let them go. But the bandits stayed. And he rode off to the main guard tower, to prepare their weapons for return. Meanwhile, Hello was here! They learned from Malik’s squire that Mayor Talbeck had died, andLoenhout was in charge of Theocre again. He had banished Hello from the town, and so they followed Hello northwards. After learning ofSylin’s death, Hello ran off again, and the three followed him.

As Dormian took his hammer back from the group and walked off, a man in a blue robe approached them. He introduced himself as Zylone. He was part of a group in Harraspor, here to help the refugees. They were allowing them to join them across the sea, on an island to the south west of Potra. They had a large fleet docked on the East cost, near Axiom, and would set sail in a month. He asked many questions about Dormian and his hammer. The party also noticed two of the blue robed people heading in the same direction as Dormian, shortly after he left.

Eventually, the party formulated a plan to rescue the bandits. Well, Faen did at least. Redface left to get their weapons, while Faen disguised himself as Derek, and walked into the tower to free the bandits. The guards did little to complain, but in order to ensure non saw the bandits leaving, Faen disguised himself as a passing performer, and performed. Dancing lights exploded, things were juggled, and much more occurred, to the excitement of the town. Such a crowd gathered around that little noticed the Redfists leaving town and heading south.

After the performance, which some other members participated in, the general mood in the town improved. Although the blue robed fellows seemed to be paying much attention to Faen.


Kyzon Kyzon

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