The Timekeepers

Session 8

Deaths in the party

The session started like any other.

The party assembled in the now almost cleared Gnoll fortress, in a bloody ritual room. King Slurp andRolen had put to rest the Hyenas being used in the rituals. They were prepared to move on to the next, and possibly final chamber, just up the curved stairs.

They decided to send back Malik, to bring the bandits in for the final room. As soon as he left they decided to assault the final chamber without them. As SylinSylin reached the top of the stairs with Audra, and King Slurp, Rolen and Faen behind, they were greeted by a bugbear, sitting on a skull of bones. To his left were 2 gnolls, and to his right another. He gave them a choice; They could accept his bribe, and join forces with him;

Or they could fight him, and perish. Sylin chose the latter option. He charged the bugbear. In response, the gnoll to the bugbear’s right ran upstairs, out of sight. A fight ensued. Rolen fired from range. Faen shot from the stairs, hidden. Sylin, King Slurp and Audra leaping into the fray. The bugbear did little to fight back at first, only dodging. That is, until 4 gnolls ran into the room, and began firing from the stairs leading to the floor above. The party fought on, desperate for Malik and the Redfists to arrive. First King Slurp was knocked out. Then the bugbear died. Then Sylin died trying to kill the archers. Then King Slurp was bandaged up. Then the bandits arrived. Then Audra was knocked down. Then King Slurp died. Then the gnolls died.

And so the battle was won, although at great cost. Audra survived, of course, seeing as there were no more Gnolls firing at the unconscious. That was when Rolen began eating the bodies of their friends. And so the party surrounded and butchered him.


Kyzon Kyzon

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