The Timekeepers

Session 7


After having a nice rest in the now abandoned bandit hideout, during which Audra was given Dormian’s magical hammer, Faen brought up to Sylin and the rest of the party that they may have sent Redron and the Redfists to their doom.

It was then that Sylin decided the group would venture north into Gnoll territory, to save the bandits. And so off they went. After a day or so’s journey the party heard fighting in the distance. They quickened their pace, and saw what remained of the redfists surrounded by Gnoll warriors, led by a large bugbear, who was in close combat with Redron. Only two thirds of the redfists remained; 2 archers on each of the 2 supply wagons, one on the ground, surrounded by Gnolls, and Redron on his horse, battling the bugbear. Both of Redron’s elite guard were already dead.

The party rushed in to assist, moving from bandit to bandit, killing all of the opposing gnolls. The bugbear received a devastating blow from the party’s rogue, and was quickly defeated. After the battle was won, only 5 redfists remained in total. Redron thanked the party for their efforts, and asked how long until the ‘Elven Temple’. The party convinced him that they were close, and so they all set off. On the journey, the party managed to convince the bandits to join their guild. They accepted, but on the condition that they could continue to wear their red gloves. Eventually, after avoiding some gnoll packs, they saw a castle in the distance. They formulated a plan to attack, and after a quick duel between Sylin and Redron, during which Sylin almost died (His brother Rolen tried to step in, but Malakarth decided he was a referee and kept Rolen away), Redron declared that he would lead the attack.

However in the end, the party convinced the bandits to stay behind, and they would attack the bandits themselves. Sneaking around the edge of the castle, they quickly assassinated three of the gnolls on guard duty, seeing as one was asleep and the other two had an archery contest on the parapets. Then they encountered a narrow drawbridge. Malik and Sylin tried to climb the wall back to back from the base of the cliff the drawbridge spanned, but quickly found it to be futile, as they merely found themselves on the wrong side.

Eventually, they decided to boost King Slurp across the gap, and over the drawbridge, which actually worked. He lowered the drawbridge, and they all entered the courtyard. They found a large group of gnolls. After an intense battle, they made their way into the keep by climbing a ladder into the only entrance, interrupting the ritualistic slaughter of prisoners by the gnolls. The session ended after the gnolls were defeated, and they discovered that the gnolls were being led by a bugbear.


Kyzon Kyzon

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