The Timekeepers


Everyone went to Axiom with the intention of getting on a boat and trying to find the correct island The Auction was on. After making a deal with the Captain of a ship that was leaving the next morning, the party split up. During this split, Audra and Redface went to the library, where Audra stealthily stole her book back.

Later that same day after everyone returned to the Inn, Redface panicked after discovering Audra’s book was gone. Instead of consulting the party about it, she went directly to the ruler of the area, who initiated a lockdown on the entire area until it could be found.

By the time Redface returned to the Inn, Marcon Helder had put two and two together via gathering information through mental messages and confronted Audra about having the book. After she revealed that it was back in her possession again, an argument broke out once more about who should take it from her.

Audra, severely unimpressed by everyone’s inability to be logical about the situation, was against giving anyone else the book as she felt it wouldn’t be safe in their hands considering she was able to steal it back so easily. General took her aside for a moment, and after whispering something to her and holding out his hand, she reluctantly handed the book to him. The situation had been sorted. This didn’t stop the discussion however, for some reason, and the group only calmed down after removing the pages of the book and giving Audra the binding. They used the pages to create a fake book to give the ruler of the area so he would lift the lockdown.

The following morning the party boarded their ship and left Axiom. The trip was mostly quiet save for Redface unknowingly drinking some liquid explosives and a fire starting down in the cargo hold. After being unable to find the person who started the fire, the Captain revealed that the explosives are supposed to be used in the war between The Empire and the ice races

After a few more days at sea, the group landed on the right island – signified by a beam of light shooting into the sky – and after pooling their money together they decided to try and buy what they can. Audra bought a wooden plank and a stone, the former of which wasn’t anything special. The stone turned out to be a +2 Shield. Redface bought a toy sword which turned out to be a flaming sword.

The session ended as the group were about to leave.

- Charlie


Kyzon Esarin

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